I'll be Honest. This Welding e book is not quite done yet. Because I want to add some last minute input from real Welders like you

This welding e book will have all the usual basic welding fundamentals for Tig, Mig, and Stick welding. But I really want to include some down and dirty stuff you don't normally see in welding e books and I especially want to make sure this welding book is not boring. Some of the most frequent comments have been:

Pictures, use lots of pictures

pictures with step by step instructions

Use Humor....(i will totally do that)

include pictures of naked women (just kidding)

Keep it simple and clear without a bunch of highly technical stuff.

I think I get the message. There are plenty of welding books out there that all say the same thing. But they are all afraid to include down and dirty tips and tricks. So...I am listening to all the suggestions I have received from the welders on the front lines.I did have a survey on this page, but I got so many suggestions, that I finally took it down..now all thats left is writing the book.

Oh. and by the way,, I offered this course for those that submitted suggestions and I figured..why take it down??... So here it is for you ...Down and Dirty Metallurgy.

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