Cigar Ashtray...

by Don
(Belleville, Michigan, USA)

I took a welding and fabrication course at my local community college. For the final project, we had to think of something to make for ourselves. I couldn't really think of what I wanted, so I thought I would make something for someone else. I would visit my brother in law in New York City, and he would always offer me a cigar after dinner. After we would enjoy our cigars, he just tossed the butts onto his metal awning outside his porch. So I decided I would make him something to put his cigar butts in.

For the project, I chose to make the box out of 14 ga mild steel. I use oxy-acetylene for all my welds except the plug weld I did for my cut tubes I used for cigar holders. The box warped slightly due to all the heat, but it seems that I am the only one who notices it. lol If someone else chooses to do this project, I would suggest tig welding it and reconfiguring the cigar holder layout. It was my first personal project with welding, so I hope you guys are not too harsh about my welds. LOL thanks I hope you like it.

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Feb 25, 2015
Thanks NEW
by: Rake

Wow.. This is amazing. You do have some excellent talent in both welding and creative side. I bet such an ashtray would cost more than a hundred dollars in the market. And if some artwork is done on to, it would be a cool piece. Medical Billing

Dec 30, 2012
Cool interesting project NEW
by: Anonymous

Good job man, that is pretty unique

Dec 29, 2012
Very Cool NEW
by: Justin

That is really cool. Nice work for your first project.

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