Jesse James Choppers - 2 Videos of Jesse James West Coast Choppers welding

Jesse James Choppers

Jesse James of West Coast Choppers and Monster Garage hammers a sheet of aluminum into submission and gas welds it into a chopper gas tank.

This video is about 9 minutes long and most people who do not appreciate the art of working with metal will click away in about 30 seconds. But that is not you is it?You live for this kind of stuff.

and so do I. I love it.

If you dont think this video is cool, you need to turn in your "man card" right now. I mean seriously...Choppers, pit bulls, English wheels, pounding metal into submission, mallet and sandbag, annealing with oxyfuel torch,... good stuff.

Why is it that metal forming is a lost art? I will tell you.

Because somehow as a country, we have lost our way.

We discourage our young men and women from learning a trade as if it is somehow dishonorable or a second rate career. We look down our noses at young men and women who choose the vo-tech path instead of the college track.

We somehow think that the pretty girl working the perfume counter at Macys for 7 dollars an hour is a more valuable person than the girl who can weld 4130 chromoly like crazy and is able to support 2 kids with her skill.

Whats wrong with us? We are messed up. The reason this country won wars in the past was our ability to build planes quicker than the enemy could shoot them down. Does anyone out there believe that we could still do this?

Lets get back to basics. Lets become a manufacturing society again. Lets learn how to do something with our hands that we can look at at the end of a hard days work. Lets put our tired heads on our pillows at night knowing we accomplished something that day and made our country better stronger and a better place for our children.

Learn to weld, learn to work with metal, learn to design and build something. Do something.

As a country, lets shed our fascination with Rap music singers and Paris Hilton and get off our dead asses and learn how to do something. Lets change, lets be better people, better workers, better welders, better craftsmen.

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Kids my age these days 
Hello I'm 21 years old and wanted to be a welder since I could remember I tried the whole college thing for operations due to peer pressure seeing a lot …

Cool shop, Jesse! 
Thats very cool! I like that he had the english wheel and planishing tool shown. What was that torch? Looked like it started out life as a pneumatic …

80/20--vocational vs college 
I am an engineering honors college graduate, and proud of it. But what am I most proud of in my life? That I am a skilled mechanic/millright/electrician/carpenter/machi …

Taking Pride in Hard Work - The Greatest Joy 
Started out as en electrician after my grandpa taught me skills, discipline and work ethics as a kid. Ive built stuff in industry and factories and took …

please and thank you 
I must say. I love your site. It could use a little more info on flux core, though. You touched on it a few times but there could be a lil more info. …

falta de vontade 
I have 37 years from age 12 and started working in a bike shop in my town, I washed a lot of parts and rasquetei lot together, now it possesses a maintenance …

Jesse James' fabrication video 
The video was way to short. I was really getting into watching what was going on and bam, it was over! Jesse's fabrication skills are great and I could …

I'm one of those young adults 
I'm in my late 20s. Growing up I was always pushed into science club and mathletes when all I wanted to do was build hot rods with my uncles, which i was …

You probably won't print this but if we'd stop hiring illegals to do the dirty work then we'd have 90 percent of the problem licked. Where's the incentive …

45 years young 
Hi There,every thing you say is so true ,I cant think of any thing better than being in my small work shop at home ,stripping down and rebuilding bikes …

It's never too late! 
After a 30 year career as a practicing attorney and 10 year career as a judge and still am, I decided to pursue an avocation in welding and metal forming. …

HELL YES !!!! 
You hit the nail on the head. This country ain't even a shadow of its former self. People lost the creativity and the drive to stand out, to be how MTV …


Yeah, It looks cool but.... 
I remember this video from a few(?) years ago when he had gas welded an aluminum fuel tank for the Camel Bike Project. What you didn't hear was that when …

AbsolutlydamnedRight ! 
It's amazing. Very few young people can work with their hands these days. Fine, ok their lives are their own; none of my business anyway right? The …

My Dad was right 
My dad passed away 10 years ago but I can still hear him saying "If you have a trade and can work with your hands, you'll never be hungry" How true. …

millwright the trade of trades 
The USA and Canada are being taken over by lazy ass politicians whose only agenda is padding their fucking wallets if we dont have anyone to teach kids …

at 21, books or welding fumes? 
I've worked with my dad during summers and now full time for about 9 years now restoring cars and the like. I can definitely say from experience that …

Could not agree more! 
I am 18 years old and just finishing up high school. I go to a school that sets students up for ivy league colleges. I could care less about that sort …

I am the future. who's with me?! 
I am currently a welding student but a HUGE fan of Jesse James !! I watch everything he does as inspiration & to give me better ideas of how you old …

there is something seriously wrong with our economic and moral system when someone with a few dollars to invest on wall street can make more money in one …

Art at it's Best 
This was awesome. An art form that need to be taught to continue. This is what custom means and can be used for about anything you can think of not just …

I agree..... 
I am from Australia and we have the same problem here. its a crying shame that most of the stuff we used to have to custom make is how just cheaper to …

Jesse James Choppers video

Jesse James of West Coast Choppers talks about Esab welding equipment.

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