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Yes, I am a graduate from Wyotech of W. Sacramento. I started in June of 2008 in automotive core, then went on & Graduated from the Street Rod & Custom Fabrication, in March 2009. I then continued my education & graduated from Trim & Upholstery (June 2009), Motorsports Chassis Fabrication (August 2009), Light Duty Diesel (Dec. 2009), & lastly Advanced Diagnostics (CA SMOG), in March of 2010. I agree I learned valuable skills there, but only because the teachers I had were well trained & eduacated in their fields. All of the teachers I had are no longer there. Guess they can hire someone with less experience & pay them less. Most of them got let go right when evaluations were being conducted & they would have been moved up to a highter pay grade. When I started it was the official school of the NHRA, by the time I left, they had overcrowed classes,& too many knucleheads runnin around.

I would not recommend it to any one else. Student loans only drive you deep in debt & wyotech doesn't keep their end of the bargain with job placement & all that.
Most of the people that are supposed to be finding students jobs are too busy on facebook or ruining the chances for students to get into prospective shops.
As was the case with me, I repeatedly asked her to stop sending the guy employment verification sheets via email, so one day the guy comes out with the printed sheet & hands it too me & says this lady just cost you your job. Great Work!

It took almost a year & half too find employment after graduating, (5 times), & around 400 applications from June of 2010 through February 2011, to find a job. 400 apps, 1 phone call back. Student loans in deferment, default, forbearance, etc:.

Also I did not even get a job in the automotive industry even with all my training & certifications.

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