Own both Harbor Freight TIGs and have no issues

by Philip

The two Chinese TIG welders here are a 98233 and 66787; with outputs of 165 amps and 130amps; cost with torches of 350 and 250 dollars. Harbor Freight.

On one welding board gurus chimed in and preached to buy a Miller syncrowave 250; a web complete setup is only 4700 bucks. There is a fat grumpy attitude it seems by many to discourage folks from buying a lessor tool. ie if one cannot afford the absolute best made in the usa; then avoid all others.

My Chinese TIG welders are DC only; thus one really cannot do Aluminum. Another fault is no foot pedal to adjust the current. Some folks have added foot pedals for these units. I plan to due so too.

Yes I prefer to buy USA products; the same TIG welders I bought would cost 2 to 3 times more.

My next TIG welder will be a combo plasma cutter and TIG unit in the 1500 to 2k range; probably not made in the USA.

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