Research before picking Wyotech it may or may not be for you...

by Kris
(Sacramento Ca)

I've attended Wyotech Sacramento. The school teaches very basic skills. I was lucky that my class was only 12 people when it started. Other classes have had more than 40 students and that is no way to learn.
The classes are expressed so they can get students in and out but they don't really teach you everything you should know for the cost of the school.

It is over a 30,000 education that really should be more like 6,000.

It would be wiser to go to a welding school rather than wyotech.

The equipment they have is pretty impressive and it is a opportunity to use it. Please do your research before picking this school. For some it works and others not so much.

I have learned a lot but not for the price. The best part of the school for me was the street-rod fab class.

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