Riland Tig Welder...Superb Results & Satisfaction...

by Denny

I posted my use of several Chinese welding units I own & use daily with superb results & satisfaction.

Again, homework of those selling these imports will reveal customer satisfaction & any problems experienced with the seller or the equipment.

Unfortunately, many newbies who aren't totally familiar with certain welding processes & equipment jump in with both feet & at times, damage the units they just purchased or neglected to do an overall physical examination of the unit to insure no loose cables, connections, & screws/bolts of the internal components.

Some companies packing is severely inadequate, the shippers are brutal, and some sellers tell the buyer to take it up with the shipper for resolution.

Lots of horror stories one can read about. My selection of manufacturer came from outstanding reports/recommendations of buyers, & usage of those units I was considering.

This is my TIG unit, the Riland WSE200P AC/DC 200A unit that has been in use for 3 yrs now & has been flawless in use.

It is furnished with the Weldcraft WP26 TIG torch that consumables are quite readily available, a steel footpedal, & xtra cups/consumables. I use my unit for alum/SS repairs, the fabrication & welding of alum. d/plate custom crafts such as mailboxes, patio/home crafts, classic/show car accessories, & SS crafts & accessories.

During the winter months, my unit is in use daily. I use my unit for TIG only, although it has the capabilities for SMAW. I highly recommend to buy a stand-alone unit & not the combo units with the plasma function built-in as there is a high failure rate because of circuit design & component failure.

I purchased individual TIG & Plasma units to avoid this circuitry conflict & have not regretted my choices. I was lucky getting my unit on an E-Bay open bid listing & was less than $800w/SH. It has paid itself off 10 times over.

Anyway, this is my personal opinion & usage & have been quite satisfied.

Here's the site to examine their products & descriptions:

Hope this helps others with their considerations



excellent post Denny,

That is the kind of stuff readers can really use.


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Apr 08, 2015
graduar el posflujo NEW
by: william moreno

tengo un equipo TIG 250 Amos y el posflujo de gas es demasiado largo (casi 10 segundos) como lo puedo graduar? mi correo es

Jun 20, 2014
Why returned machine no bs NEW
by: Anonymous

Search riland tig welders. Color of machine is green.look at face plate. Knobs have id numbers
Look at your blue machine no numbers on knobs .not same machine

Jun 20, 2014
Why returned machine no bs NEW
by: Anonymous

Search riland tig welders. Color of machine is green.look at face plate. Knobs have id numbers
Look at your blue machine no numbers on knobs .not same machine

Feb 15, 2014
worth a try NEW
by: Anonymous

thanks for the input I am a welder by trade and I have found welders to be like cars,you can buy the same year and model and one will be junk and the other will last for ever. If your like me single dad and not much money to blow this don't seem to be to bad a deal if it has a warranty on it.

Sep 06, 2013
Riland and look a likes NEW
by: Anonymous

Besides producing their own machines, do the manufacturing and design work for other companies. So though the internals will be similar or in some cases the same the functions available to the welder can be fairly different.
They change the torches and aux equipment the machines are packaged with and so on as well.
Overall Riland isn't a bad choice they have good representation in the US though it's a bit hit and miss in Australia.
The trick with any of these machine is know exactly what you want, no just in the machine but in aux items you can save a heap but end up with a cheap torch which really does make a difference

Jul 29, 2013
Meganice welder NEW
by: charles

why not choose meganice welder. energy saving, of course, if anybody need help in technical we'd like offer support for free.

Shanghai Meganice welding Technology Co.,Ltd is the operator of international famous welding brand in China, Response for R&D, marketing management, after sell service of inverter welding machine and air plasma cutting machine. Factory located in Shanghai city, China. With 11 years experience, Mganice is one of the earliest and most professional manufacturers.

Meganice, Kipor, Liyobi are 3 major brands of Shanghai Meganice welding Technology Co.,Ltd. Our leading products include Inverter and IGBT 2 types with 8 series more than 60 models: Inverter MMA welding machine,
Inverter TIG welding machine,
Air plasma cutting machine,
Multifunction TIG welder with pulse
AC/DC TIG welder with pulse
NBC gas shielded welder
Digitalize MIG welder
Digitalize MIG welder with pulse function.

Widely used in electric power, Petroleum, chemicals, shipbuilding, automobiles, steel, machinery manufacturing, metal processing, vacuum coating such area. With the principle of “energy saving, high efficient, good performance, tough quality”, our product has passed the domestic compulsive standard CCC and EU machinery compulsive standard CE. Meganice product has enjoyed a good reputation in Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and so on..

It is Meganice’s vision to become the most valuable provider of inverter welder&air plasma cutting equipment and service worldwide by bringing our customers unlimited experience of welding and cutting.

Jun 16, 2013
Riland in Australia NEW
by: Stuart

Ring Oxy Repair in Caboolture, 0754283208 and get a Riland equivalent with 3 year warranty. Service is done on the premises.
For the bloke who can't get his fixed ring Oxy Repair.

Jan 28, 2013
tig welder NEW
by: Geri T.

I also have the Riland AC/DC tig WSE200P welder, I've had it for about 4 year's. itwas a hard decision to buy a compact electronic welder as all my life I've seen the massive big Miller's and other's.
as mentione by Denny- the first welder arrived broken (thank's to UPS) but a new unit was shipped and its welds flawlessly.
it is well worth the $$ and has paid for itself over and over. my interest was a compact welder as I have very limited space and what could be better?

Jan 26, 2012
Chinese Welding Machine NEW
by: David

Hi there I have the Thermamax 200p without plasma cutting for about 18 months now.Looks almost identically to your welder. I recently add the water cooler and sr 18 torch (made for the 315p model)this made a major improvement when welding aluminum - arc is more stable,tungsten last longer,collets do not warp anymore and needs less current to weld.After fitting the water cooled setup. Laying a stack of dimes on aluminum was a piece of cake. I just wish I had had the water cooled setup when I first got the welder, learning to weld aluminum would have been so much easier.

Also a BIG Thank You to Jody for such an awesome educational Website.

Jan 19, 2012
riland welder NEW
by: Bill Noach

Well i brought Proweld Riland 200WSE 200P TIG welder on ebay, used it for 10 mins a time trying welding techniques, then last week started doing job and was going well then stopped, no reaction from trigger, checked leads etc, no current, no gas. Sent to local repairer who said it was probably PCB but couldnt do it, no one in NSW will take it on. that cost $79.00. Seller in other state will look at it and may have pcb for his repairer. just feels like pouring unknown $ into something that had only about 1 hours use in 2 yrs and went kaput! Anyone have any suggestions. thank you. bill 0408211499.

Jun 11, 2010
KOVO engine driven welder is another way for power
by: Anonymous



May 09, 2010
Is Mitech made by Riland?
by: BrendanP

Hi Denny & Jody,

Im looking to get a TIG, I had thought chinesse welders would be crap but after reading the reviews on Riland Ill think again.

Ive looked to see if they have seller in Australia on ebay and have seen adds suggesting that riland and mitech are the same brand.

Can you guys shed any light on this?

Great site Jody. You have helped me enormously.


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