Tig Welder Review - 3 in 1 Tig Welder

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Tig welder Review on The Everlast PowerPro 256...a 3 in 1 Tig welder.

Its an AC DC Tig welder, a Stick welder, and a Plasma Cutter...all in one.

The Everlast powerpro 256 can weld steel, aluminum, and anything else that can be welded with a tig welder.

I kicked off this combo tig welder review series by welding some steel sewer crawlers.

Carbon steel, and stainless to carbon. The Powerpro 256 3 in 1 tig welder did great...in fact I compared welds done with it and a Miller Dynasty 200 dx and there was really no difference in the welds.

Next I said I was going to cut some holes in some 3/4" stainless steel. but that is coming later because there is a delay in getting the metal to the machine shop.

So I figured I would weld some more on some steel and aluminum with this Everlast PowerPro 256.

The steel went as expected with a silky smooth arc and good arc starts.

Then came some beads on aluminum.

Oops. I encountered some issues.

The start on AC was not good.

Now What?

Its really kind of a good thing that this happened.

Without an problems we would not get to see how Everlast handles equipment breakdowns and malfunctions.

Remember in the last video I shot on the Powerpro 256 that I said I could not speak to customer service or how long their welding machines last?

So, I emailed Everlast about the problem and got a response within a few minutes.

I know you are curious about the support from Everlast so I will follow and document this process and let Everlast show us all what happens when a customer has a problem.

Now lets be honest, All welding machines are apt to break or malfunction.

I remember When I bought my first Miller Dyanasty 200 dx. I had some start issues . (so did a lot of other people). Miller since improved their arc starts.

The point is, every tig welding machine can have a problem.

But Its what the company does to fix the problem that makes the difference.

I sincerely hope Everlast performs well on this issue.

So far, I like the folks I have dealt with at Everlast and would like to see them do well.

If they take care of business like this problem, they have a shot at doing well.

So stay tuned to see how this tig welder review plays out. exit tig welder review. What in the hell is a tig finger?

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