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These 2 Videos show a young guy tig welding an aluminum radiator. The second video attempts to show the pulsing of the foot pedal. I have seen a lot of welders doing this on videos but in my whole welding career I have never seen anyone do it first hand. I have welded at nuclear plants, fab shops, nuclear bomb plants, aerospace and aviation parts, paper mills, and in boilers and I have never seen it done.

What does that mean? Absolutely nothing.

Just cause I aint seen it, dont make it wrong. Results are hard to argue with. The end of the first video shows the Aluminum welds this kid did. Holy freakin crap!

He is good.

What is so impressive is that he is fast too. Watch the video and you will see what I am talking about. I have worked with guys who were awesome welders but they were slow as Christmas.

You would definitely want to hire someone like this if you were paying by the hour. I teach welding for a living so I can see lots of things that are technically wrong like the way he pulls the red hot tungsten thru the air and then immediately lights back up and welds with the contaminated tungsten. But again... the proof is in the welds and the welds are awesome. I would sound like a hot bag of wind to criticize his technique when the results are excellent looking tig welds.

Now I cant wait to experiment with pulsing the foot pedal myself. I weld a lot with inverter tig machines that have pulsing capability from .1 pps to 500 pps and I like to pulse stainless steel around the 100 pulse per second range, but I have not experimented much with pulsing manually with the foot pedal amperage control like this kid does.

Maybe this old dog is about to learn a new trick.

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