tungsten sharpeners are a waste of money

by whiznut
(Dallas, TX, USA)

A weldcraft Triad tungsten sharpener is over 700 dollars.
Why so much???
and replacement grinding wheels for the Triad tungsten sharpener are about 50 bucks.
why so much???
Did you know you can order pre-sharpened tungsten from companies like diamondground.com? and never even have to sharpen tungsten at all?
that is what some guys do who operate orbital tig welders. the tungsten is only about a half inch long sometimes and so who wants to fight with holding on to a little short tungsten like that?

I think what i will do is take the 700 dollars i would have spent on a weldcraft tungsten sharpener and buy myself a whole bunch of pre sharpened tungsten. and I will never even need to buy a replacement wheel. I will always have precision ground sharp tungsten on hand.and i dont even have to buy it all at once. I could buy my tungsten 100 dollars or so at a time and use the rest of the money to help my cash flow problem ...or maybe just buy beer.

When I crap my tungsten up, I can touch it up with a drill motor and belt sander .

who needs a tungsten sharpener? not me.

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