Uphill mig video

Hey Jody......I've only been hooked up to your email videos for about 6 weeks, and I think you totally rock!! You are so into welding; even more than I can even imagine myself being. Everybody is a critic but I truly believe that only the really good welders are the ones that are going to give you the credit that you totally deserve for trying to help those who are interested in learning.
I am always looking at any weld I can find from a railing at a mall to someone's street rod , and trying to figure out how they did that weld; what size tunston, rod size, amps, welding pattern, speed and angle, it's fascinating. My hat is off to you; please keep it up. I learned to tig weld myself starting in the mid 70s and wished I had hooked up with your site years earlier. I have been doing the custom stainless exhaust gig for years and I really enjoyed your chat on "stainless colouring". I always wondered what caused the different colours to appear. I think I understand now but I have a question if you don't mind. What makes the colours change, and is there a way to keep it all one colour and if so can I pick the colour by the speed, amps flow etc? The start and stops seem to be red and blue while the middle seams to be more yellow. Advice?

Thanks for your help......Kenny

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