by Cody
(Tampa, FL)

Hey Jody,

Excellent advice with the uphill vs. downhill MIG. I have always used your type of methods with structural steel jobs where the MIG process is involved. I do alot of welding on SCH.10 Fire Sprinkler Seam-welded pipe. For that I also use a Millermatic 252 set on 18.0v, wire speed of 240+/- IPM and a 75/25 Ar/Co2 mix flowing 20-23CFH. It seems to have excellent penetration in the downhill position when welding outlets to the pipe. For the larger pipe, usually DOM SCH.40, with flanges on either end I bump up all my parameters to allow for better penetration. It's great to know there are like-minded welders out there. Thanks Jody.

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