Welding Accessories for Fathers Day

The #1 goal of this video is to show some good welding accessories for Fathers Day gifts so that you don't wind up with a Tie ( unless thats what you want)

So..before we get started...to all the hard working Dads out there...

Much Respect!

I believe that one of the best things you can do for your kids is to be a good example by working hard.

Tig Fingers and XL Tig Fingers

The number one welding accessory for TIG is the TIG Finger.

Because it's hard to hang in there toward the end of a bead when you knuckles are screaming for relief.

The Tig Finger solves that problem. like having a prop in your pocket click here to see the tig finger bundle where you can save $ by buying both the TIG finger and XL model

Great for Handrails, small bore piping, marine tuna towers, aluminum pie cuts, stainless exhaust work, socket welds, roll cages, pontoon repair,... and especially good for when you have to weld a preheated part like a cast gearbox, transmission housing, or exhaust manifold.

Welding DVDs

Another great gift idea is the latest compilation of weekly welding videos all on a 4 disc set.

Tons of instructional arc shots along with tips for TIG, MIG, and Stick welding .

A whole years worth of content on one DVD set...click here to see the table of contents for the 2015 welding DVD set

Stubby Gas Lens Kit from CK worldwide

Most 200 amp and under Tig welding machines come with an air cooled torch...either a 150 amp #17 or a 200 amp #26.

And they come with standard torch hardware.

A definite upgrade to any 17 or 26 style torch is a Stubby Gas Lens kit.

It makes the torch smaller, more maneuverable, and the gas lens collet body provides better gas shielding. 

Especially for those occasions when you need to extend your electrode to reach a tight area.

click here to see the stubby gas lens kit

Weldmonger gas lens kit

IF you have a small style #9 air cooled torch, or a water cooled #20 style torch ( also called 200 series).

you dont need a stubby gas lens kit.  What you do need is a weldmonger gas lens kit for 9 and 20 style torches.

If your torch hardware looks like this

then you have either an air cooled 9 torch ...or a water cooled 20 style torch.

there are so many different torch numbers these days that its hard to list all the different models but if your collet body looks like the image above then a weldmonger gas lens kit will fit.

click here to see the weldmonger gas lens kit for #9 and #20 style torches.

Stronghand Tools MagTab

This super handy welding accessory may have been designed to hold tabs in place while you get a tack weld done, but I have found many other uses for the magtab. 

I have used magtabs for fitting together sheet metal boxes, fitting end caps on tubing, and even for making a set of V blocks for spinning a round cylinder while I weld it.

Click here to see some deals on the magtab.

2 good Welding Books

2 very good and very affordable books are "Metals and How to Weld Them" from the James F Lincoln foundation.

you can order "Metals and How to Weld Them" from JFLF.org

And Audel Pocket Welding Reference ( available from Amazon)

These books are very well done and would make great gifts for Fathers Day or any other occasion.

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