Hot Girl Shows Trick for welding an Auto body patch

I thought you might like to see this short video of the hot girl demonstrating a trick for welding an auto body patch in... By tack welding a rod onto a patch so that she can hold it in place to fit it in. This is for patches where you dont have access to the back side.This is a really good trick and you can do it with TIG or with a MIG welder. With mig you will need to get a tig rod at least 1/16" in diameter and tack it to your patch. A coat hanger is about right.IF you dont have either you can use a nail, a screw, or just take some bare mig wire (not flux core) and double it up a few times and put it in a drill motor and twist it up tight. That way it will be thick enough to tack to your patch without blowing it away.

Another idea is if you have some super glue handy is just to use a 16 penny nail that has a pretty big head on it, and just super glue the head of the nail onto the patch.I dont usually have any super glue in my welding area so I would probably just resort to using a welding rod welded to the patch like in this video.

Once you get the patch all welded up, you will just need to break off the rod and then grind the weld, since you will be grinding weld anyway, no big deal right?Dont forget to use the back step technique to limit warpage. Maybe even a little hammer welding to spread out the shrinkage.

A lot of people use a 115v mig welder to do auto body work. They really do a good job if you know what you are doing. But more and more car makers are using aluminum for body panels.In that case you would definitely need to use a tig welder.

I was talking to a Miller rep recently about this. The new Miller Diversion is going to be a popular tig welder for doing body work patches. The Diversion is a dumbed down version of the Dynasty but will be popular for mechanics who need to weld but dont want to have to learn all the settings that are on the new inverter tig machines.

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