Welding Video - chin operated helmet review

Welding video of a Guy turning and burning

I used to have one of these chin operated welding helmets and I will be honest, It wasnt bad. Back when I bought mine, auto darkening helmets were brand new on the welding scene and they sucked. I had a Jackson top of the line EQC that a salesman left for review and the corners would not darken... A 400 dollar auto darkening helmet and it would not darken properly. No wonder he never came back.

I went to a AWS show and there was a booth promoting the chin operated helmets. It seemed foolproof compared to my POC Jackson that didnt darken properly.

I bought my chin operated helmet for around 80 bucks. Eventually it just wore out. But it worked great while it worked. They even come equipped with a little electric fan to keep you cool and to keep fumes from being drawn in from the bottom.

These days auto darkening helmets are much better and I have about 5 of them. They all work good. The 50 dollar one is good and the 300 dollar is good.

But the reason I put this welding video up on this page is not to talk about the chin operated welding helmet.

My hat is off to this guy and he deserves some recognition. He is working his ass off. The guy next to him is working pretty hard too but he does not have a chin operated helmet and is not getting near as much done. I cant help but think of War times when America was hard at work making airplanes, gun ships, submarines, and all kinds of hardware. The reason we won was we make stuff quicker than the other guy. This great American in this Video is the kind of guy that built America. Hard Work and a little ingenuity goes a long way.

These welders are obviously tacking stuff together that will probably be welded by a robot or a production welder but no matter what they are doing, it kind of makes me appreciate my job. You can see all the smoke these guys are having to suck and Breaks are few and far between.

This aint Disneyland.

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