Welding Video Review - Downhill welding in the Wind

In this welding video we see a pipe welder laying a pass downhill on a very windy day. The interesting thing to me is that I get asked all the time by people who have never worked at a job like this...

"isn't Stick welding pretty much obsolete?"

Thats a crazy question to me because I know stick welding is still the bread and butter process for a whole lot of pipe welding and other construction trades.

But if all you have ever been exposed to is welding indoors in shops with tig and mig, I guess you could think Stick welding is obsolete. I know a lot of shops who never and I mean never use stick welding for anything. Even though it would probably be a better way to weld some of the things they do.

For welding outdoors like in this welding video, Stick welding is the only way to go. Flux core mig will lose its shielding in wind like this, Self shielded mig might not but is usually not approved for code work. when you lose your shielding things go south and will just make you cuss...and grind a lot.

I like to weld, not grind.

The welder in this video is welding pipe joints downhill and the wind is just keeping him cooled off...not affecting his weld a bit

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