Welding Video Review - Gas Welding with ATI Proffesional Welding

A instructional welding video on gas welding also known as oxy-acetylene welding.

This training video on gas welding is definitely for beginners. I would assume that the instructor covers oxyfuel safety issues in the expanded version of this training video because anyone using oxyfuel equipment should learn about oxyfuel safety.

One thing that comes to mind watching this video is this....How do I say this while being kind? Lets face it...The welds depicted in this video are just not very pretty.

Are the pieces welded together? Sure.

Will They fall apart? Nope.

All I am saying is lets set the bar a bit higher.

I mean seriously, I have seen gas welds on old 4130 aircraft fuselages and motor mounts that look like a machine welded them. That's craftsmanship.

The quality of the finished welds in this video might serve their purpose just fine for something like replacing a car muffler or a body panel repair on a 62 Volkswagen bus....But an advanced welder should just not be satisfied with the end result here.

I am not trying to be overly critical here so in the welding instructors' defense, it appears that the torch is being held at a weird angle to allow the camera access to display the puddle. And The puddle is readily visible and so mission accomplished... I guess.

A better gas welding video can be rented for $9.99 from from a "How To" video rental company called Smartflix. Here is the link. Oxy-Acetylene Welding

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