Welding Video Review of " Learn to arc Weld with Willy Miller"

Hi , I'm Willy Miller and I'm gonna teach you how to arc weld today!

Thats how a popular youtube video begins. Willy uses a bit of colorful language. So I decided to remove the video from this page.

But if you are a welder, Its probably pretty tame compared to what you are used to.

Willy should be a stand up comedian or have his own show like Monster Garage. He is a funny man. But his welding video should be used as a promotional tool for welding safety awareness week. No gloves, short pants, tennis shoes, no safety glasses, hand held welding helmet, crap just laying around that could easily start a fire.

You could seriously use this video like a "find Waldo" book but where you look for the safety violations instead of Waldo. I love the way Willy says "those chipping hammers that come separate from the wire brush aint no good because... what if you loose one?" then he wire brushes the chrome plating on the shopping cart he is about to weld.

What I want to talk about besides the safety items, is a business opportunity for welders....Shopping Carts.

I knew a guy a few years ago who made some pretty good money welding shopping carts. He had a route of grocery stores and Home Depot stores that he agreed to fix shopping carts for. What he once a week was drop buy all the stores and pick up carts and put them on his trailer, take them home and repair them with his tig welder.

Tig is the way to go on shopping carts because you can use stainless steel wire like 309 and if you are careful, not even peel back the chrome. Then you just have to wire brush the weld and you are done. If you do mess with the chrome plating, you can just spray some fake chrome paint on the weld and everyone is happy. With shopping carts costing upwards of 500 dollars, these stores were happy to pay 50 bones each to get them repaired. You could even repair them with a good 115v wire welder if you wanted to spray paint all the welds. If you were really industrious and dont have a truck or trailer, you could buy a generator, and 115v mig welder, a 4" grinder and some portable welding blinds and do the weld repairs out back of the store near the loading dock.

Sound good to anyone?

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