Where is a good place to buy steel? angle iron, flat bar, tubing, round stock etc.

by metlbrnr


Here's an idea for an informative blog...Where do I get my steel?

I'm always on the lookout for any useful pieces of steel to add to my hobby welding steel stock. Recently I found some old bed frame that was 'junked' on a nearby property and used it up pretty quickly. I also got the idea that my local bedding sellers might want to part with old bed frames but found them more concerned with liabilities than recycling. I could not convince them that I didn't need THEIR money...nope! I don't know where the average website member or visitor gets material for their projects but odds are some pay that crazy Home Depot or Lowe's price. I admit that some of my first purchases were retail and I never knew how much mark-up there was till I took a chance one day and checked out one of my local steel vendors. They let me pick through their 'drops' of everything from sheet to bar to angle in all shapes and sizes. I price compared and found that I saved over 30%. Checkout wasn't quite as simple as at the retail store and I do have to be respectful and safety conscious in their facility. Another vendor in town sells drops by weight at $.65 a pound. I calculated similar savings over retail store prices and forget internet or mail order vendor costs. Then there are my local scrap yards, which would seem like a no-brainer for cheap steel but I've found stock too hit or miss and their liability doesn't allow me to pick my own.


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Oct 19, 2015
material NEW
by: jl custom

Jenna I think that the proper spelling in Orlando or a place off of walker st holly Hill a block in from rt 1 I can't think of the name.

Sep 30, 2015
scrap shopper NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a little shop in Florida. Can anyone tell me where can get metal.

Sep 16, 2015
So where? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have read everything and found no answers!

Nov 19, 2014
finding cheap metal NEW
by: henry

you would think somewhere like Craigslist or Backpage you would find leftover material but it seems like when you do they want retail prices

$10 for 10 lineal feet but they have 20 pieces and want you to pay $200 gmafb I was looking at angle iron

Dec 16, 2013
Looking For Business NEW
by: Bruce.Gao

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Bruce.Gao,I’m working for ShangHai One Hundred Industries Company.,Ltd.which is belongs to TianJin ZhengHai Iron and Steel Group. Our company is specialize in manufacturing many kinds of steel pipe(such as: SSAW/HSAW, ERW/HFW, LSAW and SMLS)and relative steel products(coil,plate,valves) our office is in HongKou District,Shanghai,China, our factory is located in TianJin(DaQiuZhuang),China.

We also can do business about square pipe, rods,stainless steel pipe,etc.

We are looking for distributor owner or agent at local area for our company and product

For your assistance, I have attached our Company Profile, and product details, please go through them and if you are interested in our product so you can surely fill the attached inquiry sheet form and send back to us so we can understand your requirement.

Company profile and product:

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Jul 09, 2013
We are selling secondary steel pipes NEW
by: Ryan Nguyen

Dear Sir,

We - Le Hoang Iron Steel Co., Ltd established in 2009 as a distributor, trader for some steel products like Steel pipes (Primary, secondary), steel bar, HRC, CRC, SS ...

We now have a new updated list from Husteel - Korea Manufacturer for secondary steel pipes, If you are interested in these pipes, pls feel free to contact us for pricing.

Should you have any inquiry for these above products also, pls kindly contact us freely for further assistance.

Ryan Nguyen
Business Development Manager
HP: +84 973 598 592
Le Hoang Iron Steel Co., Ltd
Head Quater: 68 HT 37 Street, Hiep Thanh Ward
District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, 70000
Office: 46 Ung Van Khiem Street, Ward 25,
Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, 70000

Dec 31, 2011
Websites NEW
by: Colby

Hey, i am a half welder and a half blacksmither half and half put together makes an all around metal worker, when I first started I looked online for places that sell steal, theres some websites that will send you a whole sheet like a 4x6, just look online, but after buying the steal and paying for the shipping you already got what you would at lowes or somewhere else, there are only 4 serplus citys in america and 3 are in pennsylvania and 1 is in maryland, if your anywhere close to one they have the best prices I've ever seen, I get little pieces of sheet metal and its only 1 dollar each so check them out

Apr 01, 2009
why dont local Welding supply stores sell metal?
by: Jody from weldingtipsandtricks.com

thanks for the post metlbrnr...I cant believe the blown business opportunity in welding supply stores not selling metal. I mean seriously, Even if they only sold 10 foot lengths of angle iron, flat bar, channel, and round stock, they would sell plenty even if they marked it up a little to cover handling.

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