Works for me.

by Eric Matt
(Ashburnham MA)

I have a 200 amp DC tig plasma cutter from the same company as Ike's welder. So far I have had two minor problems. The power switch and fan needed to be replaced. The power switch got stuck in the on position and the fan needed a poke to get going. The power switch was a easy fix. The fan has been a bit tougher because of how the unit is wired.

Before I realized the fan was broken I did a fair amount of welding with no fan at all. I was able to burn though 10 or so rods at 120 amps before it shut off. This was with no fan at all. Once I got the fan going it blew a bunch of hot air out so the fan really works the way it should. Also the welders self protection system works.

Overall I am happy with the welder. There are some things that could be better but for the price I am very happy with it. Welding is pretty much a hobby for me so spending several thousand dollars on a TIG welder wasn't an option.

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