by Jesse
(Hayward, CA)

You can go to www.freeweldingforum.com to see what people are saying about our equipment.

Ike lost his marbles and his money. He could have easily have us help him, but he chose not to.

If you want to try a unit, read what our true customers are saying at www.freeweldingforum.com or at
Pirate 4x4 Vendor forums via the link below:


If you want to try a unit, you have 30days risk free. We are also getting IGBT units as well this month for more commercial applications. Our warranty still stands of 5 years parts and labor if you purchase today and that is the best in the business!

Call us 1.877.566.4462 or see for yourselves at www.freeweldingforum.com without the origin of manufacturing clouding your judgment.

If you dont want to buy import products, dont, but consider the fact that Ike recorded his Hollywood moment with an imported camera and lost money not because he bought a Longevity product, which is made overseas, but because he let his anger get the worst of him. Plain and simple!

Our offer for 30days stands!


Longevity Sales and Support

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