45 years young

by Andy ski
(sussex england)

Hi There,every thing you say is so true ,I cant think of any thing better than being in my small work shop at home ,stripping down and rebuilding bikes ,and rather than sitting in front the computer checking the part you need on Ebay,scratch around the work shop ,find some metal ,turn it down / grind it / weld it or what ever ,job done ,so much more satisfaction knowing you created it your self.
But Please Please tell me I have sat in front of this computer looking and looking for some one to tell / or show me how to set up a tig welder from the very beginning to weld thin aly ,I would like to start from ,step 1 take it out the card board box ,step 2 connect the ground cable to ...... I heard the ground cable connects to the + port when welding aly ,is that correct ? coz I dont know.

Cheers Ski


wtt reply,


there are so many different styles of tig welding machines that it would be hard to come up with a one size fits all approach to setting one up.

but i am going to try anyway.

you are right the ground attaches typically to the + positive plug. a lot of tig welding machines only depict a small icon of a ground clamp.

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