80/20--vocational vs college

by Van
(Pinehurst, NC)

I am an engineering honors college graduate, and proud of it. But what am I most proud of in my life? That I am a skilled mechanic/millright/electrician/carpenter/machinist/toolmaker and DIY'er.

The next thing I want to be proud of is that I'm a skilled TIG welder.

I have always earned a decent living as a mechanical engineer and a self-employed machine shop owner.
But this country needs to realize it was made great by MANUFACTURING EXPERTISE. Keep trying to make out manufacturing as the "evil" that needs to be regulated by a(inept, out-of-touch) congress composed of 95% of politicians that have never done an honest day's work in their lives...well why should you be surprised that one of these days when we need to defend our country we have to order our nuclear weapons from China?

Not going to college? LEARN A SKILL!!! Don't go to work at Walmart. Be a part of the SOLUTION, instead of an example of the PROBLEM!!!

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