Accurate Tools ATPW522

by Matt K.



As I have only just purchased a chinese TIG welder (hasn't arrived yet/still in transit) I can't offer an opinion yet. However,I will in time.
I can respond about a chinese stick welder I owned up till March of this year. It came from H*****r F*****t and was Chicago Electric/ Welding Systems
ARC Welder-120 Model 98870
it was either 110 or 220 VAC and had a duty cycle of 15% @ 65 amps using 110 volt primary or duty cycle of 6% @ 95 amps using 220 volt primary.

The little machine did what it was designed for- a Hobby Welder. It did have better performance using 220 VAC primary (it just seemed happier) The only time I got crossways with it was when I wanted to change amps to move to a different project with different size rods. It was very hard to locate the machines "sweet" spot for the change of rods/amps.
Once it got happy with a particular amp output it did NOT want to change and then it seemed like forever until it settled down and I could find that "spot" where things were working right. The wife thought I was nuts (more than normal) because I was carring on whole conversations with a welding machine. Oh well, what the Hell; that's the way it goes.
My daughter's latest "boytoy flavor of the month" had an old,beat up, missing the wheels, no panels screwed down and an ancient burned stinger on it; Lincoln AC225 Arc Welder that he offered to me before he threw it away.(!?) It had been given to him 8 or 10 years ago and he got tired of tripping over it at night in the garage.

Needless to say I retired the Chicago arc welder and cleaned up and refurbished the Lincoln. It was a nice upgrade.
Bottom line is yeah, we all would love to own nothing but Lincolns or Millers but sometime you just don't have the cash and the little "China girl" machines are the better buy for that moment in time, and you will most likely have to 'finess'the "China girls" to get the job done. But, we better get used to it as this is a "Global Economy" and China is turning into the WORLD's factory floor.

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