by Steve Schefer
(Santa Rosa, CA)

You probably won't print this but if we'd stop hiring illegals to do the dirty work then we'd have 90 percent of the problem licked.

Where's the incentive if Daddy won't cut his own lawn or make the kids do it to earn their allowances.

We've done it to ourselves. I can't count the times my Dad told me to get an education or I'd end up just like him, working hard to scrape up a living. He was a plumbing contractor and did pretty well actually, he just wasn't very proud when he came home covered in crap.

He taught me his trade but I chose another. I still remember how to wipe a lead pipe joint (welding with your hands) and still have the tools to do it with. I actually used the same technique to restore and antique car a while back.

Your last paragraph tells it like it is.. I love it.

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