Beginner welder

by Robert Lee Thomas
(Interlochen, MI 49643)

Cold chisel ice spud 3/32 e6010 75A DCEP

Cold chisel ice spud 3/32 e6010 75A DCEP

Doing what works for each person works for me. Cut etch and the destruction test takes lots of time but it does show which welds are trustworthy. I spend plenty of time cutting and grinding my welds as i learn what works and what doesn't work. Seeing these test results will no doubt save me some time. I read in my "Modern Welding" book that Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) downhill is risky because slag may be entrapped if the puddle gets ahead of the electrode. I just have a 200A stick welder at the moment so i can't really see what will happen trying the different methods of GMAW. I wonder what happens if you just do stringer beads making multiple passes and what the effect of changing the shielding gas might be. My book says you can also use Ar+2%O2 or just CO2 but that CO2 is spattery and that O2 makes the puddle more fluid so it probably wouldn't improve downhill. It also mentions using pulsed spray transfer which could allow the puddle to cool then moving the electrode to the front of the crater make and fill crater then move again. That might help going up or down. I think from what i've seen and read that uphill is the best bet.

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