by Bob M.
(Rockford il.)

I've used Miller-Lincoln-Snapon-Airco & other various welders. I owned an old miller from the late 60's & all have been very good equipment,no complaints but i moved about 8 yrs. ago & my little garage in the back yard got crowded very fast so i sold the old big bulky Lincoln to gain some more room. I had used a small Invertech tig/stick unit @ work & i love that you can plug it into a 110 v outlet & lock it up in a drawer @ the end of the day. A friend Iv'e known for years let me use a small Harbor frieght welder he had & bout the only problem i've had is i overworked it a few times & its shut down from being overheated. The friend sold it to me for 75 bucks & i still had my argon tank & gauge & hose so for myself its worth the $$$ & space & for 75 bucks if it pukes i dont have a ton of monet tied up in it. Thanks

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