Body Paint fab etc

by Jim

I bought a Harbor-F TIG, to try out( the new big one(, 30 day return, figured if it was crap is was going back, spent a few hours with it, never TIG welded in my life, all others though, bought it to learn and that I did.

Within 2-4 hours I as laying a nice bead in mild tubing, stainless and flat bar.
Back to store, needed bigger tungsten and the right kind of rod too. worked much better,

I would say if you are going to build an Orange County Chopper, then buy a real machine, if you are doing mild steel, want to learn and have fun on weekends then get what you can afford.

it works fine, does what it says.

TIG is not an easy process one perfects in a week, there are so many variables and little room to cheat like in oxy or MIG.

I took it all apart as I am an engineer too and designed a few welders.

All parts were normal except the processor or asci chip everything was caps and resistors etc, it had USA parts all over in including the MOFETs/IGBTs, it was over heatsinked by a ton, had a huge fan for its size.

I am only going to make mods to add a pedal. And after 4 jobs its paid for.

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