Cheap Ass Pipe vise

by Rusty
(Jamul, CA.)

Can't keep your pipe still on the pipe stands? Here's a simple, easy and usually FREE way to solve the problem. Find a piece of 6" sch 40 pipe and cut a 4"-6" section. then cut it in half length wise. Blow a hole on the top center big enough to fit at least some 5/8" all thread. Weld angle iron on the ends of the pipe facing inward so that it will slip through the "VEE" holder on your pipe stand. Weld a 5/8-11 nut on top where you blew the hole and make a piece of all thread about 6" long and weld a handle on it. I have made many of these over the years and they work really slick for fitting and holding odd shaped pieces up to 4" pipe. (maybe 5", but when was the last time you did 5" anyhow?)
The best thing is ALL the material is FREE, always laying around. Takes about a 1/2 hour to make and best of all it will free up your apprentice so they can keep your coffee warm and full!
Good luck.

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