cheap Chinese welders

by Jason
(Cornwall. UK,.)

i have been wondering about these cheap welders for a short while now. i am planning to make stainless steel intake manifolds (to replace the plastic ones) for turbo applications. i am considering selling these parts on ebay as they are so simple to manufacture and there are alot of my friends doing these turbo conversions. the thing is, i would like to spend £1000 min on a AC-DC welder and have the reliability, however i dont have that kind of money at this stage. realistically thinking, if a cheap welder breaks, and you have trouble getting it fixed, you can just spend a small amount of profit and buy a replacement welder and work your way up the ladder..

i would be willing to give them a go

i work in a fabrication workshop and my employer owns 2 Stel 400a ac-dc water-cooled units with 2 TipTig units. this setup is about £20,000!! these welders work flawless on 200a all day long (12 hr days) but im not allowed to do home jobs :(

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