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by brainfart

Hey there,
a reader from Europe here. I bought a 200A AC/DC Pulse TIG/stick welder with plasma cutter for about 800€-bucks half a year ago. I am not a very experienced welder, took a 75 hour class end of last year, but from what I can tell I can see no huge difference in the welds between this piece of "Chinese junk" and the obscenely expensive professional welders I used in class (e.g. EWM Triton, Rehm and a few others), at least when welding plain steel and stainless. Aluminum works fine, too, although the professional, Euro-made AC welders had a few more options (pulse frequencies, waveform, watercooled torch, differences in torch buttons) than my Chinese welder. But it definitely works great, for about 20% of the price. So far no complaints.
I haven't tried out the plasma cutter feature yet since I don't have a big enough air compressor at home, will try it out soon though.
Spare parts are available online from many sources for cheap, they seem to be interchangeable with many other brands.
The welder is being sold with 5 years warranty, and since I don't use it very often I hope it will last a long time. The seller has a pretty good reputation among hobbyists over here, no complaints about their service yet from others (still hope I won't need the warranty). If I ever need to have it repaird, no big deal for me, I can do without it for 2 weeks, I don't earn my money with it.

This is the one I have, I'm sure it's available in the US under some different brand name, too:

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Oct 19, 2015
brilliant value for money NEW
by: j.a.welding services uk

Hi all...ive been running the same machine in my workshop for about no Picasso when it comes to tig welding ally but this machine works really well considering the price. It paid for itself the 1st wk I had it...easily copes with welding up cracked alloy wheels, and performs smoothly while giving adequate control..i love the cleaning and frequency features in option I have only seen on more expensive units.
The plasma cutter is a little under powered for my liking but it will do for lighter material (also the consumables are a fraction of the cost in comparison to my Lincoln plasma)
The tig torch supplied with the unit is will be you started out but I binned mine in favour of a wp17f(underpowered I know)which takes all the bulk out of the torch.
All in all this is a well built unit with some really useful features far beyond its price tag.

May 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

What's "not real?" THESE SILLY COMMENTS!!!

May 21, 2015
Stahlwerk welder NEW
by: kenty

i brought one ,great machine with a couple of niggly details , up slope ,down slope features only work on 4T trigger settings ,a design feature to make you buy a foot pedal maybe , but its not just some rebranded Chinese machine with a sticker ,they make their own cases for a start ,imprinted with their name and if you take the cover off its wired like a Rolls Royce compared to a Chinese tig and more powerful too , pulse works great and has two controls for high and low speed pulsing , not tried the plasma cutter yet but if its as good as the tig ill be happy , they have dealerships all over europe but sadly not in the UK ,if it goes wrong it will have to be sent back to them ,but i've had good communication with them to ensure i was happy ,cheap and great so far is my opinion .

Apr 21, 2015
The switch! NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I also bought the same model two weeks ago, the plasma cutter is superb, lovely clean cuts in both Ally and stainless, can't fault it. There is one thing that I am not too familiar with being that I am a newbie to TIG welding...the switch to the left of the TIG, Plasma and MMA switch. I am uncertain as to what it actually does, I know it sounds dumb and that I should know what it does but my knowledge of inverter tech is all but 0.
I understand that it has something to do with single, dual wave and a pulse function but that it where I stop, I have no idea as to what position this switch needs to be in for Ally or stainless come to think of it. Can anyone explain this switch a little more thoroughly? Thank you.

Apr 20, 2015
I have one, too. NEW
by: RocketSurgeon

I also have this exact make and model. I bought it thru a Canadian distributor for $850 to my door. I am still learning it's characteristics while learning to weld, myself. I only have two complaints (both minor and will hopefully resolve themselves over time): 1. The owners manual, wasn't. It was a glorified spec sheet. 2. The plasma torch is a little lacking, but capable.

The machine as a whole is very solid. I have to say that I made a great buy and don't see much more in the complaint dept. anytime soon.

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