Chinese Products

by pete
(city of brotherly love)

I get a chuckle every time I see these Chinese junk commentaries and buy American bravado. Let's be realistic, the Chinese are not selling the junk products, it's American companies who have these products made to their specs and sell them. Harbor Freight is an American company, as is Grizzly and a ton of others.

The Chinese are very capable of making quality products. Probably, 99% of all computers are made in China. Remember when Japan made junk products.

The sad thing is that the USA is slowly taking a back seat to innovation. Companies, businesses and individuals are looking for that fast rate of return, whereas, foreign entities tend to look further down the road.

Lastly, I find it disturbing that there is an underlining hatred towards the working man in the USA. This is represented by all the American companies who manufacture overseas. Businesses should have an ethical responsibility, to the worker, the community and this country, by not being drawn in by these short term profits making schemes and look more down the road at the effects and benefits of staying here, in the USA, using American workers.

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