Chinese Welder a Star!

by Frank
(Oakbank, MB)

I boght a Chiry Chinese Inverter Tig Welder AC/DC 200 Amp Pulse 3 years ago. It compares favorably with the Miller 200 DX (assembled in Italy), except for the AC frequency range. In fact, when you take them both apart, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference in looks, parts and quality, as many of the important parts are made by the same companies in China and Japan! I use this unit on small projects, but I did use it for about 7 days strait of production welding aluminum with some heavier welds (1/4") - I'm bad!

One thing that was annoying was the overheat cut-out was very sensitive. Pushing the machine even for a few seconds past its current limit would trigger the cut-out. This was more critical depending on the width or cleaning setting. If it is used in the design parameters it worked very well on a variety of metals.

Can I say I am happy I bought it, definitely yes. Things I liked: The pulser works great, you can even use it with the foot pedal. I did weld 2 razor blades together to see how stable the low power was. Consumables are easy to obtain locally (WP-26 torch and parts).

What would I like improved? A higher AC frequency. I had to replug/power the unit. The gas attachment points are plastic push-ons. The regulator/flow meter came without a tank fitting. My fittings would not fit in the metric thread. A good manual.

The newest units are even more user friendly and a few importers have made a manual that is actually useful in setting up the machine. Of course, practice and notes are more useful for actually welding!

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Sep 19, 2015
Chinese Welder a Star! NEW
by: Anonymous

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Dec 18, 2011
Greatwhiteman NEW
by: Chris White

Good stuff,my only complaint is that good or bad,people often omitted the brand name of the Chinese product1??? Not too helpful for someone like myself (Hobby welder,dont do it for a living),but i think i need a plasma cutter to expand my welding horizons!Please mention brand name like it or not!Thanks,Chris.

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