Chinese Welder review - Welder Fabricator for work and hobby.

by Keith Wright
(Tampa Fl)

I see this and LOL, with todays weekend welders and pro welders alike, look at how many productive companies out there that use these type of units. I can tell you that I have not seen one. I have a hard time beleaving that good old Ike has a full time productive welding company.I have had the same question,but would not dare buy one of these units to use for my paycheck.I had one friend of mine that bought one of these and had great difficulty finding shielding gas fittings, and worse can not use interchangable parts which makes the unit useless if it brakes down. I am sure this was his problem,let alone a 10% duty cycle.

Jody, this is a perfect video for this subject.and hope that any weekend welders see this, and are smart enough to just shell out the extra money for a good machine they can grow with.

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