Chinese welders are ok but not for production in my opinion.

by Bryan Curry
(Aransas Pass Tx)

I bought a welder from harbor freight. it is an inverter tig and stick.
I have been using it for about 4 months now and it is stil going strong.

It is a small unit dont remember the specifics but its red. I like red.

Consumables are cheap from the store and you can get them online if you dont live near a store. It came with all the extras to use different sizes of tungsten.

I paid about 300 for it. I only use it in my garage fixing things I break. No production welding with a 300 dollar welder, be realistic.

It has all the features I need and works fine.

I also bought a plasma cutter from ebay. 200 dollars.

Again not a production machine for 200 dollars but it cuts everything I need. Came with more consumables than I will ever use.

Look at the made in stickers on every fking product in a harley dealer and see where its made. Every product they sell is made in china, no bs I looked.

even harley sold us out for a dollar.

thanks to nafta and the morons of all flavors in washington we dont actually make much here anymore.

The world we know was bought and sold to china by wal-mart years ago.

sorry for the soapboxing


Great post.

Thanks Bryan,


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Aug 17, 2015
Production engineer NEW
by: Anonymous

I work in an production aerospace welding shop. When you are dealing with expensive components any machine hiccup can cost $500 in rework cost or $1000 to $10000 dollars in component repair/scrap costs. All welds are 100% Xray and dyepen inspected. There is little room for error for welder or machine. All machines must be fully qualified and found to be make repeatable welds.

True production needs weigh the probability of machine malfunction and/or all cost associated with downtime.

Chinese welders, great for the the hobbiest and non-critical welding operations where time and quality are secondary to machine cost.
I would likely buy one myself for home use.

Mar 22, 2013
hmm NEW
by: Anonymous

It does everything you need it to and is still running strong. Can you illuminate why you feel it would fail in a production environment? We can all assume why, but since your title clearly states your position, it may suit your post to elaborate on your hunch.

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