chinese welders or not .. you have to buy what you can afford

by Adam

first off. i own a miller and 2 lincoln welders. i love them. i also own a chinese made welder. i love it too. i agree that there is a quality difference. lincoln and milller tend to give a more steady arc, however costing 4 times what a chinese one cost, i could deal with an unsteady arc. it isnt about buying american or foreign anymore. if you notice most goods we buy that are made in america are actually assembled in america but the parts are from all over the world. the end fact is how much do you want to spend. i have had great luck with my chinese welder. people tend to take anger out on foreign goods. however i have had trouble out of my miller and lincolns too. fact is that it is a machine, like people, no machine is perfect. no welder is perfect either.

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