Chinese Welders

by Eric
(Ashburnham MA)

One of my better welds.  Could still be better but it works.

One of my better welds. Could still be better but it works.

I recently decided to try to learn how to TIG weld so I could make a custom tank for my motorcycle. I bought a Longevity (I know I know hopeful name) welder plasma cutter combo for $700. I considered buying a used Miller or Lincoln TIG welder but the only ones in that price range were giant transformer machines that looked like they had seen better days. I decided on the Chinese one because it would be easier to move around and the company seemed to have a decent support system. Hopefully the company will still be around in a few years if their product does break. It was a chance I was willing to take.

So far I am happy with it I have gotten some pretty nice welds with it but I am finding TIG takes a bunch of practice to be consistent. I have gone through around 100cf of argon and the only problems I have had were user errors.

The insides of it look better than the Harbor freight one shown in the video.

Eric Matt


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