Chinese Welders

by Phil Stone
(Madisonville Ky)

First off let me say i,m not a professional welder by any means.I owned a Heavyhaul Trucking business for 35 years.This brought me to get into the welding field there is always something that is broke bent or twisted.I also did alot of research on the Chinese made units verses the Big 3 name brands.

I owned a sa200 linclon and a ideal arc 250 miller at the time i bought one of the little chinese inverters.
Like i said i did alot of research on it before spending my hard earned cash.

So before anyone starts beating me up with slogans and political redrick i,m a died in the wool 100 percent AMERICAN and i believe every body that works in the USA should have the benifit of UNION REPRESENTATION.

Ok that being said i bought a Riland CT416 for my shop about 7 years ago and have used it alot i mean alot and it,s still working as fine as when i first opened the box.

I have used the little box for cutting 1/2 inch steel plate for building ramps for the rear of my heavy haul trucks and trailer frames to sheet metal for cab repair.

The first set of ramps i built was going to cost me 3500 bucks.
I bought 200 bucks worth of steel copied their design and cut it out and welded them up.

They are still on the truck and are standing up to picking up trailers that weigh in excess of 150,000lbs daily.

So as far as i,m concerned the unit i have is like Kotex it not the best thing that ever was but it,s right next to it.

I still use the Miller and Linclon daily as well the little chink welder. The only draw back to it is it is for shop use only but it has saved me alot of cash which is what business is all about or so i was told.When i bought the unit it was 550 bucks and like i said it has worked with out a hitch for over 7 years.

Thats less than 100 bucks a year and at the time i really needed a bargian.

Also to all the guys gearing up to linch me up if your willing to let me use your equipment to fix my equipment for less than a 100 bucks a year i,ll throw this chinese(junk) in the river LOL . thanks guys



that joke about kotex almost went over my head.
then i got it...good one...and i agree.

as for your comments on chinese welders, i agree also. I like miller a lot, but not everyone can afford one.

i am doing demo videos right now using an everlast powertig 250 ex and i expect i will get some hate mail from that...

oh well.

thanks for your good honest post,


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Mar 07, 2014
Made in China NEW
by: Anonymous

Every one has to understand we pay more for our products because they are just made better , Also if people in China had protection they to would want more money for there work , They work for 3 to 4 dollars and hour instead of 16 to 20 but they are slaves who have No other choice from there country . We are using these poor people to make our products so we are part of the problem ,It all boils down to companies making huge profits at any cost.

May 03, 2013
It's about quality vs. cost vs. cussing NEW
by: Gary

I'm as red blooded American as anyone, and I fully believe us Americans should stick together in any way possible.

I've wrestled with the "foreign products" question ever since I was a kid. I hate seeing American flags that are made in China, and so on.

However that wrestling has created more questions than answers. There are more and more times these days when there just doesn't seem to be an American product that cuts the mustard.

I've owned several Miller welders over the years, and I believe you can't beat their customer service, let alone their products. If I want a new welder, there's no wrestling with that for sure. However, I'm picky about the TIG torches I use in the field. The have to handle a lot of abuse in the truck and on job sites, yet be easy to set up and use under any situation you can think of. Still, I haven't found a flex-head torch that can continuously meet that standard.

I was at our local Matheson dealer 18 months or so ago, and was in a bind because I'd just blown up yet another torch, and they sold me a $120 American made torch. It was pretty, seemed pretty tough, and made in USA so I went with it. Then it blew up after only 2 months' use. So I took it back...they were gracious enough to sell me another one, and guess how long it lasted?

So now I'm $240 into this equation, and found similar chinese torches on the internet for $18. So I bought one. It lasted 6 months. So I bought 2 more so I'd have a spare. One of those lasted 8 months, and I'm still using the other but bought another spare. At $20 apiece I can buy a lot of chinese torches for that $240 pricetag, and only have to cuss 1/3 as often.

Now, if somebody pointed me to an American made TIG torch that will reduce my cussing, I'd be more than happy to give it a try, even if I had to spend another $120.

I have this same wrestling match with a lot of products, but my TIG torch experience is a clear definition of how I feel about the situation. I may be American, but that doesn't mean I should have to cuss to get my way.

Feb 16, 2010
Happy Mitec 160P Owner
by: Anonymous

It was simple choice for me. Buy an import TIG welder that I can afford or don't have a TIG welder at all. I've had a Mitec 160P TIG Welder for 2 years and it has worked great. I wish it was American made and that there were plenty of American repair depots but that's not the way it is. 30 years ago the same rhetoric went on about Japanese goods being crap. Now all of our TVs, cameras, and half our autos come from Asia. If the US wants to compete as a manufacturing country, we need to change our expectations for a what a manufacturing job should pay.

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