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by jody

Thanks big Al,

Jody here, chiming in on welding manhole covers.
I think you have to look at the intent of welding them shut in the first place and that is either to prevent theft or for security sake. In other words to make it more trouble than its worth to grind the weld out and steal it. Or to make it impossible to slip it open in the still of the night.
Since the thing is just sitting there and is under no stress, any decent weld should serve the purpose. Ideally for cast Iron Ni rod or some other all purpose rod might be necessary in order to hold up in service and prevent hardening and brittleness.
I dont think manhole cover welding warrants that expense.

I would just use a 7018 and start welding on the outside rim and intentionally overlap the actual manhole cover disc not caring if I penetrated or not. In fact , it might work better if you didnt even tie the 2 pieces together as long as someone had to grind and make lots of noise in order to remove it.

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