Custom Fabricator AND home shop enthusiast

by Edward Williams
(Wichita Kansas US of A)

Frankly, I own a Miller Econotig that gave me maybe 100 hours service before the
Circuit board failed - about $500 + to repair it. I've seen too many posts with this
Same problem. I also have small inverter HFT 110 amp dc tig welder - 'lunch box' size.
I have had good success and at 16% the price of a Miller I've found it to be quite adequate.
Let me be clear; I am NOT making my living with it or any other of my welders.I've worked
as an industrial equipment fabricator for 12 years - primarily with stainless and aluminum.
About 90% tig welding was with Hobart. Rather than fixing the Miller I'm considering a Riland.
Let's be honest; there is a difference between the Chinese and American. Get what meets
your needs, fits your budget, and. Strokes the old ego. Ed

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