by Dewalt625
(Antioch CA USA)

I am a firm believer that the global economy is a reality. It is very clear that the Swiss have mastered the watch. The Japanese have mastered car, Honda and Toyota. The Americans have mastered the welder, Miller and Lincoln. The Chinese have mastered dinner ware,……… (Fine China). I am sure that with the pressure of free market and capitalism there will be a less expensive welder/plasma/stick machine but like most things it will take time to evolve and be perfected. Look at televisions in the last 50 years.

Until the time that the low cost combination machine is perfected I am going to continue to put my money in the safe bet of Miller or Lincoln welders. It may be a few more dollars up front but I know in 20 years it will still be humming along like my 1940 era GE welder is doing today.

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Aug 21, 2013
Worth the price? NEW
by: Anonymous

I've owned a longevity migweld 140 for about two years and I have been very satisfied with it.

The best part? It cost me half the price of a Miller or a Lincoln.

If its true that even Miller and Lincoln are manufacturing in China now what is the point of spending all that money on them.

All I know is that my machine from Longevity has been great. And there customer service is great too. I'm definitely happy I bought from this brand.

Aug 02, 2010
life span
by: Anonymous

All you miller and lincoln preachers fail to realize that all the current welders today are built way different than the welders from 20-30 years ago.

I highly doubt a dynasty or any other inverter based machine is going to last 20 years of industrial service solid state products just don't last as long as the old school heavy beast units.

We have had 2 plasma units that have failed in less than 10 years and both times the boards failed and were not cost effective to fix. the first one was a thermal dynamics and the second was a lincoln.

Ive seen a few lincoln migs that were junked after less than 5 years. My bet is that they were not even made in the USA but Its hard to know now days where what is made where.

How long do you expect a $2000 welder to last for anyways I figure 5 years is plenty of time for a cheap Chinese welder to pay for itself.

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