drivetrainscott, tungsten sharpeners

by Scott Marrison
(Mason Mi USA)

I like either a grinding wheel or disc paper. I think the disc sander is a little nicer finish but the tungsten is very hard on the disc. I usually use a grinding wheel, but had never really considered a dedicated wheel till I read your page. That also made me think about (especially if it's a dedicated wheel) what type of stone. A smoother tool sharpening stone would probably be good to try.
The one thing I do that I have not heard mentioned though is I put the tungsten in a cordless drill to get a nice even finish. I thought it was odd looking at the other info that was talking about being constant that some of the equipment was still spinning by hand (inconsistent). I do realize they are talking about angle consistency for the most part but I find spinning the tungsten and making it swirl towards the tip seems to make a nice concentrated ark.
Just my two cents.
Scott Marrison
Scott's Custom Rears and Parts

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