Dynasty is too expensive

by Hardplate

Not surprizing that china is selling lots of tig welders.

The miller dynasty 200dx is about 3 grand just for the machine. There aint no way that thing should cost that much. First of all there is a whole bunch of crap that could be left off and no one would give a crap.
after dicking around with the hz settings you eventually learn it doesnt make that much difference. Miller guys will tell you that 100-120 hz is a good setting for most things...why not lock it in and be done?

200 amps is not quite enough either. They had a perfect machine in the syncrowave 250. and then they made a dyansty 300. So why did they have to dick it up and make a 200 amp machine?

I want a 250 amp machine that will run off of 115 volt at a lower amperage. but will have the balls to weld heavy aluminum on 230 volts if i need to.

thats all i want. is anyone listening?
Miller??? Lincoln?? esab? china?????

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