Evan Cowart

by Evan Cowart
(Boyd, TX)

I have no idea on the welder, but I do have a chinese tractor and when it is working it does the job, but the quality is real poor and it breaks often.

I perfer to buy American simple because it will usually work better and parts are available when needed.

Of course, now days all we get is chinese, just took back a chinese fan to lowes, one of the knobs used to tighten down the pivot points fell of on first tightening. Vibrates more then I like. Checked out several stores for better fans, that was the best I could find. I did find Patton fans on Amazon dot com and so that is where the fan will come from for my new shop. ''

Chinese stuff is simple cheap junk, you miles ahead to buy the more expensive made American stuff, that has problems also, but parts are available and the quality is much higher.

I will never be able to tell you about a chinese welder as I will never own one.

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