Everlast 250 EX

First heard about this welder from your review while I was spending 6 hrs/day in a TIG class at the local CC welding with a brand new Dynasty 200DX. Re: quality control, w/in the first semester's use, about 30% of the coolers on those machines had issues. Taken care of under warranty. I never saw any issues with any of the machines.

Ordered machine... and waited for delivery. Approx. 4 months after ordering, and paying, I had finally received my complete order. To be fair, a couple of months of wait was for the cart and water cooler. Sales approach and communication suck. That was 1 1/2 yrs ago. Things may have changed. Personally, I suggest having everything agreed in clear writing, especially with respect to stock status and availability. Phone technical support has been very good, although I've had no major issues. The front bezel cracked in shipping was promptly replaced.

As to the machine, I absolutely hated the foot pedal and torch. Replaced with SSC pedal and CK flex torches. (I actually prefer the SSC pedal to the Dynasty pedal. I believe the Dynasty pedal has an audio taper pot in it, because the fire goes out more than I thought it should with a small pedal movement. I got used to it, but it was never intuitive.) I love my CK 20-series flex torches. These changes transformed my take on the machine.

Low amp HF starts and welds in both AC and DC are at least as good as the Dynasty, and it has 50 more amps at nearly twice the duty cycle of the Dynasty. All up, I have about 1/2 the money in it that a Dynasty 200DX with cooler would cost me, and I wouldn't trade even (I would prefer to have a Dynasty 350 for its separately adjustable EP and EN amperages in AC, and that will be my next TIG machine). I know and love Lincoln's 350 MP mig machine, but know nothing of their TIG machines. I have a MM211 and love it for short arc MIG, but want the Lincoln for its pulse aluminum and pulse spray capabilities. I'm no bigot for any color of box. My welder is a tool and I will buy what I think will give me the best bang for the buck performance and reliability-wise.

The welder has no big potted circuit boards which I think I like, as some folks with issues were provided individual parts for replacement and apparently solved quite a few issues, without having to ship the machine. Personally, I have had no reliability issues so far (knock on wood). I have heard several stories of potted board failures rendering both red and blue machines economically unrepairable, and am not crazy about that, irrespective of any possible reliability advantages potting offers.

The bottom line is that my experience leaves me little doubt that my green welder will make me more than enough money to buy whatever I wish to succeed it. And I would never have known about it withour Jody's objective review. Thank you for doing that, and posting all of the helpful vids. Sorry to be so long-winded and hope this is helpful.


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Dec 28, 2014
250 ex NEW
by: bo

been using blue and red machines for 35 years, and they are great. tried a green machine at a freinds shop,a few mouths ago and it was great ordered one with a cooler ssc foot pedal ck flex head with 25 cables. all i can say is it welds as good as any welder i have ever used . total package was 2560.00 with shipping p.s going to kept my old 250 hf got new in 86 and still welding good.

Jul 03, 2014
Longevity 200s mig stick No Reverse P Mig NEW
by: Longevity=Poor Features

cheap enough but the included mig spool gun is crap.
there's no reverse polarity for mig welding so good luck using flux core.
you can buy the mig welder from harbor freight it welds better and has reverse polarity for 1/2 of the price.
Save your money i say.
if you want a stick welder this is ok.
but for mig it's a poor choice.

Jun 27, 2014
Everlast PowerPro 256S NEW
by: Chris G

I am not a welder by profession but I weld more than more that litter the internet with negative comments about machines they have never even seen let alone used.
I have had mine for 6 months now and I am on my 3rd 300 cubic foot Argon cylinder. I weld every night for several hours and I love this machine. It works as good as my father in laws professional grade equipment. He does weld for a living and has owned a very successful metal fab shop for 40 plus years. I do some production work for him and he still is blown away by the consistency of my work. He is considering picking up one as his mobile unit. I have the water cooler unit also. Works like a Champ.

Dec 04, 2013
Everlast PowerPro 256 NEW
by: Dave Cashin

I purchased my PowerPro 256 about 18 months ago and have had only had one problem and that was with the Plasma cutter. I was cutting 1.6 mm aluminium and the pilot arc fluttered and stopped unfortunately this took out the whole welder. Called the dealer he asked me to carry out some tests he then said he would ship a new welder two days later a new welder was delivered.

Have had no problems since so A+ for customer service and with a five year warranty I can not loose. The welder does everything I ask of it the only thing I have added is two CK FlexLoc torches a water cooled 20 style and a 17 style air cooled for lower amperage work. I would love to have a wireless foot pedal I talked to Everlast but they are not going to do one at this stage.

I have a 250 amp TIG with a 60 amp Plasma cutter water cooled for half the cost of a miller very happy.

Dave Cashin

Apr 28, 2013
Everlast NEW
by: Anonymous

I ordered an Everlast PowerPro 256S and I can tell you that my experience has been similar but that is has improved some. Ordering was easy -- really easy... I gave them my email, paid with PayPal, done. Total time on the phone was well under 5 minutes -- they get all the shipping details from the PayPal receipt and I didn't have to hand out my CC number. Asking questions was more difficult as there are some language/culture differences and I just didn't get a warm fuzzy "glad to have you as a customer" feeling but then too, I'm buying a welder not warm fuzzies. Delivery of product has been more challenging.

Was told they were out of stock and that it would ship in 2-3 weeks, which was fairly accurate. With shipping, it'll be just a couple days over a month when it arrives. My only real complaint was that they billed me and created a tracking number on the day of purchase rather than on day of shipment -- oh well.

Sep 15, 2012
100% correct NEW
by: bnflette

I also learned using dynasty's which often were out of service. My 250ex also has never failed me and will do everything the dynasty did but better.,..and for less$. For those who think you should only buy American, open your blue cover and see where your components are from.

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