Everlast powertig 250EX

by Sam in Sheboygan
(Sheboygan, WI)

Man o man. I never thought I would become a social outcast by buying a Chinese made welder.

I thought long and hard about buying US. Own several US made welders and really like them. Tried a Chinese made (Everlast) plasma cutter and was impressed.

So I decided to buy an Everlast Powertig 250EX. Needed a more portable and less expensive tig machine than what is being offered by the US companies. I just did not want to spend the cash as times are tough. Jobs are not as abundant as in the past and so I needed to make a choice. Spending less for something that does as good of a job is GREAT for me.

Got my green machine and a few former friends are no longer talking to me as they ran out the door yelling about being a traitor and anti American. Told them to not let the door hit them in the ass. I should have bought this years ago as they were a PITA anyways! I now can get more done because they are not around BSing me to death with their welding stories and how they could have should have would have.

Seems that there are some folks who are chinkaphobic.


OMG, in the middle of Miller Town, you bought a green machine.

Seriously, I have 2 of them and have had one or two issues, but am relatively happy with mine.

I dont endorse them because I dont have any control over their quality or service.

bottom line is Its an option for someone who doesnt want to sell a kidney to get a welder.



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Sep 09, 2015
Miller or Everlast For the sake af Pete. NEW
by: Barry W. Cumming Ga. A&P Mechanic

I have been pondering this for about 3 years now. Trust me I am all a about supporting my country. America, the Red White and Blue, the good ol USA. I Have served in the military. I was in the USAF for 13 years as a aircraft mechanic.
Why only 13 years? Why didn't I serve another 7 years and retire? Simple George Bush Sr. Thought it best to do a military reduction of forces in my career field to the tune of about 29 thousand. Nice, yes.
So I say buy what you wish. I would honestly bet my left nut that if went into the home of every Miller, Lincoln, or any blue or red die hard welder in the good ol USA. You would find some kind of China made merchandise in their homes. Be it a TV, DVD player, clothing, kitchen utensils, or good ol Harbor Freight something.
So many people are so quick to judge others before they even take close look at themselves. So yes. I bought a nice Millermatic 252. Not because I only buy America, I bought it because I liked it, and it's a great machine.
Just today I was talking to a certified Miller repair shop here south of me in Atlanta, and guess what. They said that Everlast is a good welder, and they won't repair my Miller Dynasty 300 DX because they continue to blow up even after they're repaired. Go figure. So why not go green, with a 5 year warranty. There are many many others ways to support our great nation other than just buying Blue or Red. Of course this just my opinion, and we know what that's like.

Sincerely, Barry W.

Nov 04, 2013
Miller "Made In USA" NEW
by: Zach M

So I've wondered if I should get a "Made in the USA" Miller for $3000 more, to support my fellow workers here in the USA. However, I noticed that Miller is no longer stamping "Made in the USA" on their boxes. I sent an email:

"Thank you for your response. I just want to clarify this a bit more, as I'm really striving to "buy American". Miller used to proudly display "Made in the USA" on the front of your welders, but this is gone."

"Does this mean that the above mentioned welders are simply assembled in the USA from China-sourced components?"

A reply back from Miller:

"Miller no longer puts the "Made in USA" stickers on because there may be a component that is not made in the USA that is put into the machine.
Unfortunately To keep prices affordable this must be done. To avoid any issues, the sticker was removed. I can assure you that the majority of components are made in Appleton WI and assembled there. The transformers, wiring, sheet metal, etc. They are not a Chinese machine that is assemble in the USA."

So, what does "the majority" mean? Anything from 50.001% to 100%. Meaning you could be paying an extra $3k for 49.999%-0% Chinese components.

If Miller would go back to 100% "Made in the USA", I'd feel ok paying a premium. Subbing in some China to keep profit margins high means I might as well embrace a 100% rice-welder.

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