Everlast took a while to get it right but....

by Alan
(Hamburg, NJ)

Broken Bezel PP256

Broken Bezel PP256

What I'm about to outline is my experience with Everlast over the course of the last year or so. I'll also give my take on the performance of the machine I ordered which is a Power Pro 256.
10/12/2010 I Ordered a PP256
11/19/2010 PP256 Delivered (took 38 days from order to delivery)
12/5/2010 After 2 weeks of use, a Problem with my PP256 developed.
The issue was... on AC or plasma, the machine would only produce HF arc start energy and the main welding arc would fail to fire. DC worked fine.
12/6/2010 Called Everlast support and left a message, Tech called back but I missed the call, I recalled again and left another message.
12/7/2010 Tech called back and we trouble shoot the machine. Tech thinks it will probably need to be swapped out, but has me try to adjust points and call him back with my findings. I adjusted "points" to .045" and retried the machine which still had the problem.
12/8/2010 Contacted tech again who thinks one IGBT module went bad and arraigned for a swap out.
12/9/2011 Contacted by Everlast and was supplied a return/exchange form and a shipping label to print out.
12/15/2010 UPS picked up PP256 to ship to Everlast.
12/20/2010 returned PP256 arrives at Everlast.
12/22/2010 Contacted Everlast to make sure they received the unit and see if there were any problems. I also was advised replacements were not in stock and were scheduled to arrive "around New Years"
1/10/2011 Contacted Everlast asking about the status of my replacement. I was told there was a delay and the shipment was due to their company on 1/18/2011.
1/18/2011 inquired to Everlast on status and was informed, "The units arrived to port we are waiting for the custom?s release."
1/24/2011 again inquired to Everlast on status and was informed, "It looks like the customs are scanning our container and it is taking much longer than it is supposed to. I'm really hoping it will be here today or tomorrow."
1/27/2011 again inquired to Everlast on status and was informed, "It is shipping out today." "Your UPS tracking number will be e-mailed to you in about 1 hour" which it was.
2/3/2011 Received my replacement PP256 in which the front bezel was cracked and failed when I tried to lift the unit. The boxes didn't look very damaged on the outside. I also contacted Everlast and informed them of the damage. They had me photo the damage and they would send a replacement bezel for me to install. (It Took 45 days from the time THEY received my returned PP256 to finally get my replacement back) There are two Youtube videos of me opening the shipping boxes both times. You can watch the bezel break in the second video.


2/14/2011 I received the replacement bezel and installed it. Also adjusted the points gap while the unit was open. There was a lot of stress from the screws pulling on the bezel because of fitment issues. I put the screws in until I felt resistance and saw the bezel start to bend, then I stopped. Its probable that the stress of the screws being tightened all the way at the factory contributed to the 1st bezel failure. Overall, from the day I ordered my 1st PP256 to the day I finally got the replacement up fixed and running was a total of 125 days or approx 4.1 months. You could take off about 2 weeks off of that time if you count the days the 1st machine worked.

Fast forward to present day (10/7/2011) which is about a year after the order was initially placed and about 7 1/2 months after I fixed the replacement and got it running. What do I have to say? I love the machine. It works and does everything they claim it could. Yes I know that was a TON of waiting and was very aggravating, especially having to repair a new machine, but I also SAVED a ton of money. If I had to replace this green machine and all that it does with separate blue or red machines, do you know what that would cost?? I do, about 3-4 times what I paid! ($1600) Does it weld worth a crap? It sure does! I'm not going to start gushing and turn this into a testimonial, but realistically I'm very pleased with its performance. Would I buy from them again? That depends. If I needed a machine quickly, NO WAY, unless they had it IN STOCK and on a shelf waiting to go out. Now that I know how long it really takes, I would NOT advise buying an Everlast machine if you needed one very quickly. That being said, if time isn't an issue, I WOULD absolutely buy one again. They offer some of the best welding values available today. How the machine welds is not the issue, the time it takes TO GET the machine is. Also to their credit: EVERY time, and I mean EVERY time I asked for a status they were polite and gave me their best APPROXIMATION of when things were going to happen. In my opinion, I think they're having a hard time keeping up with demand and they're running their factory overseas WIDE OPEN to keep up. That may be a reason why there are so many stupid little issues we've all heard of (like broken bezels or mis-adjusted points) All in all, if you don't mind waiting a while and possibly dealing with a small problem in the name of savings, this is your machine. If you read the above story and could feel your blood pressure rising, then I would look elsewhere. All I can say is this is an account of MY experience with Everlast over the last year or so. Your experience may vary. All the e-mails were saved, and the dates are accurate. Hopefully you'll find this information informative and useful. I've tried not to color the story but present the facts and my own opinion on the machines performance and what to expect when ordering from Everlast. Good luck to all!


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Sep 03, 2014
Very Professional NEW
by: steve

I thank you for taking the time to present a well planned, thoughtful, and factual representation of your experience. In a world of "Wing it, we gotta get it out the door!", you took the time to do it right. Refreshing and much appreciated.
You may have sold me.

Apr 17, 2014
Everlast Powertig-185 NEW
by: Gordon

I am relatively new to TIG welding, last year I purchased the Everlast machine after reviewing many other types of machines. I had my heart set on a Lincoln precision tig-225, but after seeing one up close and how big it was, I decided I needed to re-consider. I stumbled upon this website and watched Jody review & demostrate the powertig-250EX and thought to myself "hey, even though its a Chinese import, if this guy likes it, maybe I might like it, too". So, after cruising up & down e-bay, I came across a good deal on the Powertig-185, and since I'm not such a good tig welder yet, all of the additional features of the 250EX would be superfluous during my learning period. I ordered the machine from Everlast and it arrived (my only complaint is the box is not protected enough from "gorilla" handling by the shipping process), box slightly beat up, but the contents intact & unblemished. The included footpedal was missing, but a call to Mark Everlast took care of it in a couple of days. I purchased a 125-cu/ft. bottle of Argon, and in the 7-months since getting the machine I've gone through 4 bottles and a half a dozen electrodes. The machine is unbelievably simple to use owing to only three knobs & two switches to worry about, so the beginning "tigg-er" can get right down to it. It's been trouble-free from the start, my only complaint is that I can't seem to make those really pretty stacked beads on Aluminum that I am so crazy about. I've watched the aluminum drill videos countless times but I guess it's all about keepin at it until something "clicks". I've wondered if a different machine would yield better results, but I read in the prior postings someone's comment about it being more about what's behind the helmet and not the machine....my father used to say things like "it's not the tool, it's the fool...", so I guess I'll keep at it. I saw somewhere someone's inside corner welding job on some 1.5-inch sqaure extrusions and I literally melted with jealousy over how symmetrical & uniform the weld beads were. That's where I want to go, but man, how do I get there? Thanks for reading.

Mar 26, 2014
Got it right for me NEW
by: Gizmo

I have had other brands of welders and services was so-so. I had a problem with my Everlast machine, one of the first from production line and it work find but one thing did not work properly Everlast took it back gave me a new one, all in a couple of days. The new one works perfectly. I really like the machine and how well it welds. Now I have 4 Everlast machines for the cost of one of the other North American machines. I think they have got it together for service at my end anyway. The other manufactures make a good machine but not for the difference in price.

Mar 16, 2014
Everlast NEW
by: Jerry

I purchase equipment for my local state Government I was thinking about one of these machines for my self however after reading the Response from Alex I would not deal with a company like this .

Mar 16, 2014
Everlast NEW
by: Jerry

I purchase equipment for my local state Government I was thinking about one of these machines for my self however after reading the Response from Alex I would not deal with a company like this .

Oct 16, 2013
missing components NEW
by: chuck

Took delivery of a 200dx last week. Parts were missing . Called everlast and talked to Alex.#1
fivce star guy . I had my missing parts in 4 days.
Good people to work with.

Apr 28, 2013
Conversation with EVERLAST Customer Service regarding NEG Feedback NEW
by: Ebaybuyer111

4 weeks was PRE ORDER ITEM people dont look at the handling time that doesnt count. we did few items that were PRO ORDERall units stocked .. if you think we have extensive bad feedback please buy a unit from other vender because we dont need hassle have a great weekendRegards
Customer Support
Everlast Power Equipment

Customer Support 877-755-9353
Mon-Fri: 9AM-5PM PST Click "respond" to reply through Messages, or go to your email to reply

From: ebaybuyer111
To: everlastweldz
Subject: Other: ebaybuyer111 sent a message about Everlast 250A ACDC TIG ARC MMA PULSE WELDER 250amp #66082487736
Sent Date: Jan-17-13 17:45:51 PST

Dear everlastweldz,I have reviewed all of your negative feedback, which happens to be extensive. Im assuming the slow shipping is standard, but 4 weeks handling times? Do you not keep these in stock and order once you receive the seller's money? Whats the deal here?- ebaybuyer111

Nov 16, 2012
Everlast Welder NEW
by: Phillip

I bought an Everlast MTS 200 S and was excited to receive it. Unfortunately Everlast printed the UPS shipping label the day after I bought it, but didn't ship it until four days later. Therefore I was waiting to receive the machine on a day when it was never scheduled to arrive.

Additionally I have only seen comprehensive reviews of the MTS 210S online, but that machine seems like it has never been officially released to the public... so I bought an MTS 200S, which I haven't seen any reviews for, even though it is older than the MTS 210S and doesn't apparently have a TIG foot control.

Never mind the fat that it is one/third the price of any other synergic, multi-process welder available... so I sucked it up and bought it.

I expected it today, but it didn't come, so I am expecting that I have been screwed. We'll see.

Jan 17, 2012
Ditto! NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought an everlast Tig/Stick/Plasma (I can't remember the model # right off) It had an issue with the AC balance. I called and talked to the tech staff. They mailed me a new balance card and when I took the machine appart to replace the old one, I found that a wire had come loose inside. I plugged it in, replaced the cover on the welder and walaa.. 100% great little machine!

I know it's not American, but maybe Americans should look at building a economically feasable welder like the Everlast!

They are about 1/4 the price, and ya, I know that if it breaks down I'm out 3 machines till it's fixed.. but I can buy 2-3 of them and have a spare setting while the 1st one is getting fixed!

There a little "cheap" when it comes to the torch and plasma gun. I never really used the stick welding option. But, it's upgradable when it comes to the accessories!!

Overall, Great product! If your in a hurry, maybe not the best option, but hey, buy 2 and keep one as a spare!

Oct 11, 2011
Everlast customer service
by: Duncan Robinson

We have indeed had a very rapid growth cycle over the last 18 months and we have had to make some dramatic changes in our aproach to how we want to move ahead for the future. One of the major improvements that is actually starting to really show itself in the last couple of months is our on site overseeing of our Orders being produced and our involvement with QC procedures with a hands on aproach and not simply trying to communicate via Emails or phone calls.

I read your Reveiw over at Welding tips and tricks . I imagine the Pre-Order style of sales can be a little frustrating for our Customers, when for whatever reason the estimated time for delivery is delayed and your Customers are left wondering what is going on. We are placing procedures in place that should be up and running by December of this year. We have contracted out a very detailed and thorough tracking system for all orders / repairs that will send out updates with both SMS and Emails to keep track of every detail of any customers machine and in fact a complete history of the unit. This starts from the Factory before we even have the units in our possesion .

The fact that something as simple as a plastic Bezel can be overlooked and keep you waiting for such a long period of time just shows how we have needed to step up and improve these areas. I talked to Oleg about this after being told about your reveiw.He admitted that between the Warehouse
and Warranty there was a mess up with Warranty thinking it was a shipping issue and visa versa.
Regardless of what excuse you want to come up with it does not change the fact that a simple issue is lost in the shuffle and we can not have this happening.
The Program being put in place is very sophisticated and i am probably the least qualified to talk about it as i am a complete neophyte when it comes to Computer Programs.I have however been assured by those that know, this will greatly reduce the chances of this type of thing happening in the future for all shipping and warranty issues .
For some time now i have been working at the Factory on a regular basis and we have been implementing procedures in line with a North American Mind set into how to optain a efficient and productive QC program.
this is a ongoing strategy that is never completed regardless of where you might be located and we at Everlast have decided we need to do this if we want to see our Brand name expand and improve . we can no longer use the excuse that " we are a small outfit we do not have the resources to do this " simply put we have no choice but to commit to this course and to further commit to improving both Customer relations and Customer Support .
your post just shows how we need to improve in these fields and i for one look forward to seeing the coming year and witnessing these very improvements.


Oct 10, 2011
Everlast Service
by: Sean

I think each welding company has their advantages and disadvantages. Owning a Lincoln, Miller, or Thermal has the advantage returning the welder to a local welding supplier. I could not justify the expense of owning a Miller or Lincoln nor could I afford them. I own four Everlast welders (Imig 200, Power Tig 200dx, Power Arc 200, Power Arc 140st) and have been very happy with the performance and service. I have only had one issue with my Everlast Power Arc 140st, and I had very good service. Mark returned my call on a Saturday evening and spent about an hour helping me. After a few days I returned the welder, Everlast sent me a shipping label, and the new machine was shipped when they received the old one. It was about two weeks to get a new Power Arc 140st. All of my machines have performed very well. I'm not that big on the all in one machines personally, because if something happens then your down 3 machines. I do like specific welders (mig, tig, stick, etc), but that is my opinion. There are downfalls to ordering from a company like Everlast because you have to ship something back UPS if there is a failure, but at the same time I saved enough money to justify the returns if needed. Would I order from Everlast again, absolutely! I plan to order a larger mig welder and plasma cutter at some point in the future. They have done my right!

Oct 10, 2011
So far so good....
by: Steve from Ohio

I've been the owner of a couple of Everlast machines for over a year now. My first machine was a Powerplasma 50. I used that as a test to see if all the hoopla and hyperbole over "Neverlast" and cheap Chinese junk was true. I needed a new plasma cutter and for the price, I decided to give Everlast a try.

I got the plasma cutter and all I can say is it does what it is supposed to do and does it well. For about half the price of what other manufacturers were asking. It came via UPS with a cracked front bezel, which is common due to the gorillas at UPS. They sent me a new one next day overnight air. Great service so far.

I ran the crap out of it for several months with absolutely no problems. Still running like new. I also like the ability to run it on a CNC table as it has a switch just for that.

Decided that it was time for a new tig machine. Looked around and did not want to sell a kidney to buy any domestic machines. Even the used ones were way higher than I thought was a fair price.

I decided on the Powertig 250EX from Jody's reviews. I got the machine after a month and a half from the day I ordered, set it up with a new bottle of argon and it could not weld worth a crap. As I found out, it was not the machines fault but contaminated argon. Never tried tig welding with CO2/argon and don't want to ever again. Seems there have been a lot of argon bottles that were also used as 75/25 bottles and if not evacuated correctly, will have some contamination from the CO2.

It's been several months now with my Everlast Powertig 250EX and so far so good. Had to adjust the HF points but other than that, it does what other machines do at a fraction of the cost. Sweet silky smooth arc and it has all the bells and whistles that I would ever want.

I have a friend who has been a Miller die hard for all his life. His dad was the same way. He came over to see this piece of Chinese junk as he called it and gave it a try. He ended up admitting that he spoke out of ignorance and that the Powertig 250EX welds every bit as well as the Dynasty 200DX that he has.

Oct 09, 2011
Time or Money Trade Off
by: Anonymous

You pay for reliability and dependability and a supply chain to support your machine.

I needed a MIG and my shopping research brought me to buy The Northern Industrial MIG/Stick 200 which is the only inverter based MIG machine I have seen. I budgeted $1300 for the similar Blue machine but saw that I could also use the money saved to buy a 48 inch sheet metal brake. I also had money left over to buy a large screen auto darkening helmet.

The Northern Machine and its duty cycle is impressive. I did have to sand blast the shiny, slick chrome plated drive roller to eliminate wire slippage issues. I still would have liked to have an all metal, gear driven idler roller for the wire feed system but then I look at my nice sheet metal brake.

If I was very tight on money but needed to weld, I would not hesitate to buy a dirt cheap and primitive Harbor freight MIG Welder. There is a lot of good information on the web about how to modify and upgrade these machines.

Remember, a good welder can make good welds even with a cheap machine but a bad welder is still a bad welder even with the best of machines.

I know this Rasta guy that has a thriving awning frame business built around an $80 C&H, Wal-Mart stick welder!

Speaking of bad welders with great machines, the videos I purchased from you have helped me improve my techniques with my $$$$ Lincoln Invertec V205T TIG machine.

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