Exactly what i feel

by Brian

That is one damn sexy video... How can you NOT love that? I'm only 16, but i felt the same way as whoever made this website. I love engines, welding, all that good stuff. In fact, I am making my own go cart, from scratch. And when i sat from scratch, i mean it. I have spent countless hours designing the frame, independent suspension, and drive train on solidworks 2009, and I'm loving every minute of it. Ha, actually, in order to weld the frame together, i goggled how to weld (i use a Lincoln 225amp AC/DC buzz box) and after reading up on this site for a while, went out and tried it myself with some 6011's and old 1/4" scrap.And you know what, i love every second I'm with that thing.

Within oh... I'd say... a week, i had gotten to the point where i could put down picture perfect beads on everything but sheet metal (which, now i can do. I grabbed some small 6013's for it, and they work fine), and so i made a quick side project one weekend by attaching a POS 3hp 2cycle snow blower engine to my mountain bike. I hit about 25mph, but because of a torn diaphragm, the engine stopped running and would flood the carb with gas after 30 seconds or so. bummer...

Anyway, i just figured i would respond here because i LOVE the site and i wanted you to personally know that the engineering side of America isn't gone yet. Ever since kindergarten, i have wanted to be a mechanical engineer, and I'm damn sure not going to become anything else now. In fact, on Sunday i have a metal forging class at my school, and the instructor has access to MIG and TIG welding equipment, My goal in life is to be able to weld together 2 razor blades like that one picture on this site, and you can be sure that some day, i will be able to do it. And when i do, ha, ill make sure to post it here.

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Feb 28, 2009
Hell Yah!
by: Anonymous

Right On! You Go Buddy!

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