falta de vontade

by Glaucio
(Ibaté S.Paulo Brasil)

I have 37 years from age 12 and started working in a bike shop in my town, I washed a lot of parts and rasquetei lot together, now it possesses a maintenance shop and welding in my city here in SP-Basil Ibaté working with arc welding tig dc mig-mag do a bit of all, I run barbecues poto-hand, etc., just do not pay for having an aluminum TIG DC Inverter Bambozzi of 160 a and a mig-mag 250 Lincoln is an arc of 150

A coated electrode very good by the way, work hard, always had a lot of willpower, which I do not see in kids today, they just want to see naked women on the net and not work , the future of our modern world, also I think the Brazilian government's lack incentive we now have a presideta woman.

ador welding and love your videos and tips, this site obricado welders in the world thank you!!

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