by Scott
(Mount Vernon, WA)

Wow! I never paid much attention to Jesse James. He seems more intelligent than I thought. In our family we read books and play and travel instead of watch tv. My dad taught me what he knew about autobody and paint. I'm trying to pass that on to my son who thinks it's kind of cool and wants to fire up the torch lately. Thing is he gets straight A's and could probably go into any of the professions he chooses. If i was in his shoes it'd be a hard call. the white collar professions where you can make serious coin (and stay away from the meth head criminals I've run into in the construction and metal trades) are attractive for the shear number of high paying, 50k/yr jobs. Cool fabrication type jobs are a function of having an economy with enough big earners to pay for 100k+ streetrods and such which in the Obama era is looking like a slim odds gamble at this point.Our trades will be under even more of an assault by greenies and lawyers in the next few years.

Wouldn't it be cool if hundreds of thousands of us gearheads were ecstaticly busy hammering out custom creations in an America of the future where the world comes to our shops with truckloads of money? We need huge changes in the average persons attitudes about doin' things for yourself and ensuring that the opportunities remain and the red tape is cut for talented people to persue happiness and make a living as the metal artists and fabricators that we are.

I've ranted enough. This is a great site and greatly needed to achieve the above stated goals for the dreamers out there. Go for it folks!!

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